About Me

Miranda Daniloff is a wife, mother to one and stepmother to three, university senior manager, a daughter, sister and sister-in law, friend, creative writer, former radio and television producer, who loves to read, run and cook.  Like so many others, I am trying to build a life that make sense with all the roles I play and the dreams I dream.

I have been drawn to social change. Starting with my childhood. I grew up in 1970s in Washington DC, as the women’s movement was percolating. My writer mother wrote for magazines including Ms. Magazine. I met her editor once. Gloria Steinem. My father was a journalist when journalism could change the course of events for better.  He was in the White House press room when  President Nixon resigned. As a foreign correspondent, he had tours in Cold War Moscow.  Our family was thrust in the public eye in 1986 when my dad was arrested on bogus espionage charges and our family deported.

I loved the arts and creativity: my undergraduate degree is from Northwestern University’s famed theater program. There, I revelled in the power of the arts and artists for social change. Later I moved into journalism and public affairs programming both for radio and television . I also worked a radio anchor, delivering the top of the hour news briefs.  Drawn to the world of public policy, I worked for the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and now its School of Public Health, directing programs to connect research with decision-makers and policy leaders at all levels.

Simmons School of Management offered me a chance to further hone skills with an MBA. I started the program only recently married with very young stepchildren and my son still in diapers. The only women’s MBA in the nation, the program recognized the work-life balance challenge for many non-traditional students. They allowed me to work at my own tortoise-like pace, creating my own path, one class at a time.

One of my creative outlets has been writing. I’ve published personal essays in the Boston Globe, USA Today, Christian Science Monitor and done radio commentary for the NPR affiliate, WBUR Radio.  My writing has included my own explorations on work life meld.

beyondworklifebalance.com is another logical step to weaving together many different strands and threads of my life. I hope it has some use for others as well.

Photo credit: Martha Stewart