Staycation Self-care Reset

Had a week off.  I did something different.  My destination was very familiar. Everyone asked me where I was going? Australia to visit koalas? Carribean?

Even koalas can use a reset

Even koalas can use a reset

Nope. I stayed home.

It was school vacation week. My husband had a milestone birthday (threw him a surprise dinner with all his four children, his adult kids traveling from various cities unbeknownest to him.)  We hosted an Easter brunch for 25. My brother ran the Boston Marathon, and there was a retirement party for my father who finally retired, although now he seems busier than ever.

It is a real pleasure to host family events, when you are not stressed, trying to squeeze in grocery shopping, and picking up rental party tables in between quarterly work budget meetings.  Having time means it is easier to actually be in the present moment with family.

My son and I puttered about, doing whatever we felt like instead racing to soccer practice.

I got in touch with my inner Martha Stewart

  • I made a carrot cake that look just like the picture that I should have taken a picture.
  • I flipped over closets to spring clothes, put away the winter coats, washed sweaters and hats and mittens.
  • I organized and updated the family photo albums.

Just organizing those two things means now I have new systems that make it easier to keep up with.

But more importantly, I put in place an exercise and journaling rhythm.

  • Got back into the swimming pool for laps.  Amazing how many people are swimming laps at 6 am. It is actually crowded.
  • Added a weekly Sunday morning yoga class. Bonus is that my sister-in law goes too.
  • Use the half hour while waking up with coffee to put pen to paper.  I do actually write with a pen sometimes

I rediscovered short walks around our neighborhood and added more spontaneity to my days.

Four weeks out I am still reaping the rewards, daily and weekly of that vacation.  Feel physically healthier and happier.  Two weeks ago a work colleague and I went to the Quilts exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts on a lunch break. I am more focused and productive at work.

Here’s to Staycation.  Wish you were here.

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