Three great TED Talks

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TED Talks Relating to Work Life Balance

TED Talks Relating to Work Life Balance

I love TED talks for inspiration and humor. Here are three favorite TED talks as they relate to work life balance.

Nigel Marsh: How to make work-life balance work. 

Marsh is the author of Fat, Forty and Fired, as well as Overworked and Underpaid. He is an advertising executive who took a year off from work to stay home with his wife and children. He jokes that it is really easy to achieve work life balance, when he had no work.  He concludes that government and corporations aren’t going to solve this puzzle and that it is up to us as individuals to be responsible for setting boundaries.  My favorite nugget of his is that small things matter, and that the smallest investment in the right place can transform your life.

Anne Marie Slaughter: Can We Have it All?

I like this talk much better than her Atlantic Magazine article: “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All”  which made sane women go nuts. A public policy expert working in the US State Department, Slaughter makes a decision to not take the BIG job. After commuting for two years from Princeton to DC, she decides to accept what was really most important: her family.  She comes to realize that real equality between men and women does not mean valuing women on male terms.   I love that she understands that work and family mutually reinforce each other. If family comes first, it doesn’t mean that work comes second. It means that they come together.

Tim Ferris:  Smash Fear. Learn Anything.

Productivity guru and author of the bestselling  The Four Hour Workweek to escape the 9-5 life, tells the tale of overcoming three of his fears. Learning to swim, learning languages and learning to tango. Fear is your friend, he says. Fear is an indicator: it shows you what you shouldn’t do, but more often than not, it show you what you should.  Great deconstruction on how to swim and how to tango!

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