The Day Senator Elizabeth Warren “came” to my House

Senator Warren works here

Senator Warren works here

Our work group had worked for months. It promised to be one of the biggest events of the spring semester and that morning my son got sick.  We were hosting the senior senator from Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren for a noontime talk.  Whatever your politics, getting to meet a national political figure and to see her in person was a treat and a once in a lifetime chance.

I hoped that I could get my teenager settled and then dash to the office for the event. Every parent has had this experience where the needs of your child directly conflict with the needs of the office.  Could I make the 2 mile trek to the office and be back in between his repeated rushes to the bathroom?  Nah. As the minutes ticked by, it became clear that my place was with him.

Since we webcast these talks live, I figured I could watch it from home. The boy snuggled up against me as I propped my laptop up on my knees in the den, where he was resting under blankets.

We watched it together.

The conversation with Senator Warren ranged from stories about the political climate in Washington to what has made her a middle class champion to funding scientific research.

“What’s NIH?” my teenager asked.

“It is a government agency that gives money to scientists to do research that might help find a cure for cancer and other diseases,” I said.

“Oh, Cool.”

So just like that, my disappointment of not being there in person evaporated.

In the grand scheme of things this was actually a better lemons-to-lemonade moment. Maybe he’ll look back on “mom made me watch this stupid video” as something worthwhile. Maybe he’ll view it as “the awesome day my mom and I watched Senator Elizabeth Warren at her school.” Perhaps it will be a day of a stirring or an awakening of a civic something, of justice, of fairness, of fighting for something you believe in.
When work and life collide sometimes it is better to just not fight it.
Photo: courtesy Wikipedia via Creative Commons

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