Life Balanced Weatherman

Our weather-man is life-work balanced.

A burst of color on a sunny day

A burst of color on a sunny day

Earlier this week on his weather blog, David Epstein urged everyone to get outside. New England weather is notoriously changeable. In the fall especially, the temperature differential can be up to 30 degrees on two consecutive days.  It can be Indian summer or a Nor-easter can be barreling up the coast.

So Epstein suggested we all get our heads out of work for a moment.

“If you get a chance to take a walk or have your lunch outside you’ll be happy you did. I know work can get very demanding and at times it seems hard to carve out some time to stand up let along (sic) go outside, but I think it’s important to enjoy the great weather while we have it and it’s just a lot healthier to not sit so long.

I overheard someone at the gym yesterday saying he sat down at his cube at 7AM and didn’t get up all day including “eating lunch at my desk”. I honestly just felt sad for this person and I know he’s not at all alone. I often why how and why society evolved so that millions of us are stuck in traffic for hours then sit in a cube for many more, leaving only a few precious hours on the weekend to take advantage of a nice day.”

He then went on to detail the weather forecast for the next few days.

Good work life balance advice from a meteorologist.  And when my boss can’t find me, I’ll tell him the weatherman made me do it!



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